Monday, August 30, 2010

The "RE" of Cindy Charlton

I am new to the blogging world, the website world, and the speaking world.  And although the proverbial "green pea",  navigating uncharted waters, I am nonetheless fascinated as well as fearful of what is to come.

I've titled this post as the "Re" of Cindy Charlton because at the age of 53 I find my self re-defining who I am, re-evaluating what I am doing with my life, and re-living the past thirteen years.

For the first time in my life, I am doing something that I love to do.  I have found that telling my story of survival to others, is healing for me and "inspirational" to them. I have been told by many who have heard me speak, that I "lend hope", and give "renewed strength".  I am re-defining myself as a public speaker.

Within the context of that, I find myself re-evaluating what I am doing.  Am I good enough at speaking to be effective and desirable?  Can I earn enough money doing this to support my family?  But, regardless of the questioning doubt, I'm practicing what I preach!  My three D's have become the hallmark of my life, "Dreams, desire, and determination (the art of never giving up)", as well as my motto.  I will continue to evaluate and re-evaluate all that I do, all that I am.

Over the past four or so years I have been writing my memoirs.  But after engaging in public speaking, writing speeches about parts of my story, I have come to realize that the reason I haven't been successful in writing my memoirs, is because I have simply started at the wrong place.  My life, as I now know it actually began thirteen years ago.  The odds were stacked against me, and I was not given a chance to survive.  So in essence I did lose my life.  But it was replaced with a better, more purposeful, and far more valued life.  And as I write, I re-live events...some good, some not.  But in total they have made me who I am today.

I like who I am....I just wish I was skinnier!

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  1. Who needs skinnier?! There's always khaki green pants 4 sizes too big with a drawstring waist. :) Go Aunt Cindy!